Ferom Exe MM | Hardware
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GU hardware

Gretsch-Unitas is one of the leading suppliers in the field of windows and doors,automatical acces systems and management systems for buildings. Gretsch-Unitas offers a complete range, from window hardware for single-family houses and finishing with building management systems.

Fittings for facade – Through individual solutions for fa├žades, Gretsch-Unitas fronts of these buildings makes it possible to provide the feeling of airy living space.

Hardware swiveling and tilting – This range of products provides you with aesthetic solutions and has universal application.

Hardware Tilt-Sliding – functionality ensures easy and accurate even in case of heavy loads – based on innovative technology and new cam carriage entrance.

Fittings, sliding in parallel – provides a statutory operating and safe door and thereby access. In this system, erroneous operations are excluded.

Folding slide fittings – all the usual profiles of wood, plastic, wood, aluminum and aluminum. You can combine up to seven leaves folding on each scheme and open them comfortable. Barrier-free connections with the floor completes the program.


Horizontal pivoting hardware – five types of swivel bearings, with screw fixing, milling and central locking mechanisms optimally adapted to the material to deteriorate cover all the usual applications – and also special formats.


Opening systems for skylights – facilitates simple daily ventilation through skylights plastic, wood or metal, which is not in the user access (systems with manual or motor drive).


Handles Rotary – aluminum and steel windows and sets aluminum frames narrow a sustainable quality ensured by regular checks of operation and tests of static load, in which all handles and window sets heel narrow at GU falls consistently above requirements.